LONGi supplies high-efficiency modules for Ningxia project


LONGi has supplied monocrystalline PERC modules to the Ningxia project Wulongqiao 228MW power plant. The supplied modules have a passivated rear side and a laser grooving process, which significantly improves the cell efficiency and offers higher capacity and reliability for power generation under various climatic conditions, especially in areas with abundant light resources.

The estimated annual power output for the project is approximately 328.992 million kW/h, with an annual equivalent consumption of some 1.445 hours. In addition to providing reliable revenue from power production, the project also saves an annual 115.000 tons of coal, which can minimize emissions of sulfur dioxide by around 10.000 tons and about 300.000 tons of carbon dioxide.

This will significantly increase the amount of power produced and reduce electricity costs, effectively promoting the win-win situation of clean energy generation and advantageous resources, thus broadening the local agricultural economy’s source of growth.

LONGi has previously participated in the construction of power stations at Yinchuan, Hongsibao, Pengyang and other locations in the Ningxia Hui Region.

The Wulongqiao 228MW power plant in the Lingwu City region was financed and built in 2018 by Longqiao Photovoltaic New Energy and was entirely based on LONGi high-efficiency monocrystalline modules.

Nedim Husomanovic

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