Advertorial articles

Advertorials are long-form paid advertisements, presented as informative articles. Executed well, advertorials offer value to the target market while at the same time selling a service or product. They are a content advertising play that borrows the trustworthiness of the website on which they are published. Advertorials are a PR play on steroids, akin to pitching your product or business to a journalist and obtaining a favorable write-up. They are also able to pick up the slack if you are seeing declining returns on screen advertisements, want to reach specialty customers, or attempt to elevate product or brand awareness.

Equipment reviews

While detailed client reviews can be very helpful, most customer reviews are not very articulate, and many others are suspicious. Aside from the trustworthiness and imbalance of the reviews, how often are the consumer reviews well written? We offer you a professional, multimedia equipped, detailed, high quality reviews for your products, served on EnergyNewsBiz and across the internet.

Industry contribution

Industry contribution articles can be on “evergreen” subjects — stories that will still be relevant several months or even years after first publication — or in-depth discussions of topical concerns which are likely to play out over the longer term.
Submitted articles should generally be between 600 and 900 words. If they’re engaging to read and useful to our audience, we will energetically promote them, just like any other story that runs on our site. We can also write them for you just give us a call.

Promotional interview

Promotional interview is an essay that provides different views on a topic or selection of subjects using evidence from interviewing one or more people. The most important distinction of an interview is that sources are people, preferably authorities on a topic
A well-written interview, will speak directly to the reader and make them feel as if they are the one interviewing the expert.

Promotional articles

Promotional articles should be a regular part of your public relations plan. If well written and well placed, they can be a great source of free advertising for you.
These promotional articles don’t follow the standard format of an advertisement, such as an image with a logo and some copy or a few paragraphs of obviously biased promotion. They are written like a story or an article from a journalist’s perspective. Nevertheless, many of these are paid for by a business and used as a piece of promotion for that business.

Social meadia posts

Social is now all about how you target your audience, build customer journeys and get people to your site. Paid social media publishing helps with exactly that.
But the real challenge is understanding the specifics of social media, how to get started, what to spend and how each network operates. That’s a lot even for experienced marketers to manage, and can be a hurdle for those just learning how to best use social media.


We may have arranged the ultimate event. We may have booked top talent, hired an amazing venue, organised sumptuous catering and have all the staff and support necessary. We may have delivered our brief to the letter yet all that effort will be for nothing if nobody turns up. Not only will you or your client be facing a financial loss, it won’t do your brand or reputation much good either.
For an event to be a success on every level, it has to be popular. You don’t have to sell every ticket but you need enough attendance to make the event look and feel popular, create the right atmosphere and make those that do attend feel like they are at an exclusive event. All those things and more are why event advertising is so important.

Newsletter blast

An email blast is a single message delivered to a large recipient list. As the name implies, it’s a marketing tactic with broad reach.
As far as email marketing strategies go, blasts have the highest likelihood of reaching your customers. Email blasts that follow CAN-SPAM Act guidelines will land in the inboxes of everyone on your list. In recent years, email blasts have grown more nuanced and thus more useful to content marketers.

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