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Synopex develops two fuel cell membrane types

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The company revealed on November 29 that it has developed two types of membranes for usage in From the 31st to the 4th of September, KINTEX in Ilsan will host the hydrogen exhibition H2MEET 2022.

This year marks the third anniversary of H2MEET, a specialist exhibition for the whole hydrogen industry, including production, storage, transportation, and use. It is anticipated that 240 companies from 16 countries would participate in this expo.

The product successfully developed by Synopex is a membrane material utilized in the stack module, a system that serves as the engine for a hydrogen automobile.

The humidification membrane is a membrane used in a membrane humidifier that maintains a constant temperature and humidity within the stack for the demand fuel cell to operate efficiently. W and M, a Chinese membrane humidifier producer, has signed a deal to export 200,000 units of this device, which was developed in partnership with a significant domestic corporation. In addition, the polyelectrolyte membrane (SYNO PEM-1) is a core membrane that transports hydrogen ions (H+) of the stack, which serves as the vehicle’s engine.

Vice President Noh Si-gap stated, “The membrane material employed in this hydrogen vehicle’s fuel cell was successfully produced after approximately ten years of research and more than 30 billion won of investment. We intend to begin extensive marketing using

In the meantime, based on the material technology and mass manufacturing technology of ePTFE, Synopex intends to push a one-source, multi-use strategy that spreads to semiconductors, displays, secondary batteries, defense materials, medical, and bio areas, following the hydrogen fuel cell field.

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