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Green Hydrogen H2 News

A project known as the Central Hydrogen Valley (CHV) is set to revolutionize the energy landscape in Poland. With a vision to develop a massive 250MW capacity of hydrogen electrolysers and harness 2GW of wind and solar power by 2030, the CHV aims to produce an estimated 54,000kg of green hydrogen and a staggering 4TWh of carbon-free energy annually.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

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Time to Invest in Hydrogen is Now, Interview with Dariusz Pachniewski

Dariusz Pachniewski is a recognized authority in hydrogen technologies and has been working in the energy sector for over 30 years. He has been involved in various projects related to the development of hydrogen technology in Poland, including the first project that closed the hydrogen value chain by connecting two electrolyzers to a biomass unit and two mobile hydrogen dispensing stations.