Tresca Ingeniera and UPComillas together to offer green hydrogen to industry


The Higher Technical School of Engineering (Comillas ICAI) of the Comillas Pontifical University, through the Institute for Research in Technology (IIT), and Tresca Ingeniera have signed an agreement committing both parties to develop an optimization model for the planning/operation of green hydrogen-based industrial systems.

This agreement is the result of months of collaboration between the technical teams of both institutions, and its ultimate goal is to meet the needs of the key players in the development of a hydrogen-based new economy.

Therefore, the objective is to provide a software tool that allows investors, developers, industry, and end users to assess the technical and commercial viability of their green hydrogen plant innovations.


Vice Rector for Research and Faculty at Comillas Pontifical University, Mariano Ventosa, said that “This agreement exemplifies Comillas’ commitment to doing research in partnership with corporations to address pressing societal issues.

In this instance, IIT Comillas has partnered with Tresca Ingeniera, a leader in the design of plants for the production of renewable hydrogen, to provide solutions to facilitate the development of projects of this type in Spain, convinced of the importance of green hydrogen as a key energy vector for the near-total decarbonization of the economy. Under this arrangement, IIT contributes its substantial expertise in the creation of optimization and simulation models to support energy industry decision making “.

Francisco Carro, the general manager of Tresca Ingeniera, stated that this is a very exciting development “important” agreement for the company and explained that the design of this software “aims to meet the needs that we have identified through our experience and work over the past few years in the implementation of this type of hydrogen plants. Currently, Tresca Ingeniera is utilizing a first version, and we are seeking to combine our hydrogen expertise with IIT’s expertise in this type of technical-economic models so that this tool becomes the standard for validating green hydrogen plants. We aim to ensure that modeling and validation decisions for business models linked with this element are entirely secure, independent, and trustworthy “.

Carro emphasized that Tresca Ingeniera is a leader in the construction of industrial plants and, in particular, hydrogen plants, which has made it a national reference.

Optimal and secure evaluation

The objective of the development of this instrument by Universidad Pontificia Comillas and Tresca Ingeniera is to facilitate industry decision-making in the ongoing decarbonization process by validating not only the incorporation of hydrogen into their processes, but also its appropriate deployment.

In this regard, the parties have made it apparent that the analysis performed with this program is “totally secure” and “with all necessary data.” Therefore, it will be possible to determine the optimization of a plant, to proceed with confidence in replacing natural gas with green hydrogen as a fuel in industry, to examine the cost of a hydrogen installation, and to determine the profitability and bankability of a project.

In short, the purpose of this tool is to provide all sector participants (industries, builders, equipment makers, renewable developers, investment funds and family offices, utilities, and banks) with a dependable and impartial instrument that promotes objective and rigorous decision-making.

Nedim Husomanovic

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