Yeosu Gwangyang Port Corporation signs MOU to build hydrogen port

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Yeosu Gwangyang Port Corporation has signed a memorandum of understanding with South Jeollanam-do, Yeosu City, Gwangyang City, Namhae Chemical, Samsung, POSCO Holdings, GS Caltex, and Hanyang Co., Ltd. regarding the basic concept of constructing a hydrogen circulation sharing network in Yeosu Gwangyang Port.

Min and Gong are members of the Yeosu Kwangyang Hydrogen Project Working Council, which YGPA has been consulting with since last December in order to build a vital infrastructure for the hydrogen sector at the port and establish Yeosu Kwangyang Port as a hydrogen-leading port.

To develop a hydrogen ecosystem in the port, the Working Council has reached consensus on the necessity for a hydrogen piping network that can be utilized by linked businesses throughout the port.

YGPA officials indicated that a work agreement was inked to jointly promote fundamental research services.

Through this study service, we intend to examine the status of the hydrogen demand and supply in Yeosu Gwangyang Port, as well as associated cases, laws, systems, and technologies, and to assess the economic viability of the project and the building of the sharing network.

The President of Yeosu Gwangyang Port, Park Seong-hyun, stated that the port’s vast hinterland and industrial infrastructure make it the ideal location for the development of a hydrogen ecosystem.

“I think it is significant that the private and public sectors will take the first step to foster the hydrogen industry, the engine of the new growth, in Yeosu Gwangyang Port through this agreement,” Park said, adding, “We will strive to ensure that the promotion of research services goes off without a hitch.”

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