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ISTHY project, supported by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region, the Industrial Revitalization Fund, and led by renewable energy and hydrogen producer Inthy, has formed a crucial partnership with Bureau Veritas. This collaboration aims to establish the first-ever hydrogen storage test site in Europe, addressing the critical need for ensuring the security of hydrogen storage.


Italy’s Snam optimistic on getting priority status for two multibillion-euro energy projects According to the chief executive of the gas…

Green Hydrogen H2 News

Laurence Boisramé, global director of hydrogen at Bureau Veritas, offers insights into the pivotal role that certification, standardization, and global consensus play in shaping the future of hydrogen as an energy vector.

Green Hydrogen H2 News

Bureau Veritas sees increased demand in hydrogen certification The Hydrogen Label certification program, which was introduced in February 2023, has…