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In the cacophony of global enthusiasm around hydrogen, Ontario has thrown its hat into the ring with a published hydrogen strategy. However, a critical examination reveals not a well-considered roadmap but a misguided venture into what the author aptly terms “energetic and economic nonsense.”

Ontario's $4.32M Boost for Hydrogen Integration Unveiled

Ontario government is injecting $4.32 million (CAD 5.9 million) into nine groundbreaking projects. These initiatives, funded by the province’s Hydrogen Innovation Fund, aim to seamlessly integrate hydrogen into Ontario’s electricity grid, bolstering the region’s commitment to a low-carbon future.

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In order to launch and expand prospects for hydrogen to be incorporated into Ontario’s clean electricity grid, including hydrogen power storage, the provincial government of Ontario is creating a Hydrogen Innovation Fund, which will invest $15 million over the following three years.

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Development of a hydrogen economy using Ontario’s clean electricity to help meet climate change goals hinges in part on creating hydrogen hubs to co-locate hydrogen producers, infrastructure and users.