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PowerCell and partners work on hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure demo A collaborative field test was carried out by the Port…

Powercell Navigates Hydrogen Market

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hydrogen industry, Swedish fuel cell company Powercell finds itself navigating through turbulent times. Economic pressures akin to those felt by other sectors have cast a shadow over the market outlook, prompting a revised forecast and strategic adjustments.

Hitachi Energy Unveils HyFlex Hydrogen Power Generator

Hitachi Energy, in collaboration with PowerCell Group, introduces the HyFlex™ Hydrogen Power Generator in Gothenburg, Sweden. This innovative solution is designed for locations where conventional power sources are impractical, offering an emission-free alternative with a range of applications.

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Fallin to get £20 million hydrogen fuel hub Plans revealed last week might result in the creation of a £20…

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PowerCell, a leading provider of hydrogen fuel cell solutions, has entered into a significant five-year frame agreement with ColGar Energy, a subsidiary of the prominent Vantastec Group based in the UK. The agreement entails the serial delivery of hydrogen fuel cell systems, representing a new and exciting market segment for PowerCell.

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PO-Rein to Produce Hydrogen Storage Systems for Chinese Market Plastic Omnium, in a joint venture with Rein Hytech, called PO-Rein,…